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Your Question: How do I transfer credit

Our Response: How do I transfer credit?

To transfer credit from other institutions, transcripts must be submitted for evaluation. Your transcripts cannot be officially evaluated unless you are enrolled in a program at Athabasca University, but our online transfer credit assessment tool can be used to estimate how your course credits might transfer towards an AU degree.

Requesting a Transfer Credit Evaluation

If you are a new student and wish to apply to an AU program, you can request a transfer credit evaluation during the process of completing the undergraduate application.

Students who are already enrolled as unclassified, visiting, or inactive students who would like to enrol in an AU program can request a transfer credit evaluation by logging in to myAU and completing a Change of Program. While completing the form, you will have the option of requesting an evaluation.

In both cases, you will be required to pay an evaluation fee.

How long will my evaluation take?

Evaluations take time. When Transfer Credit Services receives all transcripts, supporting documents, and fees, your evaluation request enters a queue.

See the current processing times.

Can I register for courses while waiting for my evaluation?

Yes! You may register for courses while you wait for your evaluation to be completed. If your course duplicates course work already completed, you can only receive credit for one of the courses. We cannot officially approve courses as being applicable to your program until your evaluation is complete.

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