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Your Question: How do I request a transcript

Our Response: How do I request a transcript?

Requests for Athabasca University transcripts can be made online through myAU or by submitting a Transcript Request Form to the Academic Records unit of the Office of the Registrar by either fax or mail.

To request a transcript online, log into myAU and then select the "Request Transcripts" option under Student Record in the left-hand navigation menu. This service allows you to preview and print your transcript before it gets sent to the destination that you have specified.

Transcript Request Options

You may request that a transcript be sent to either yourself or a third party, via mail, courier, or fax (priority transcript service). There is a fee associated with both the courier and fax options. (Note: due to Covid-19 - AU is not currently sending transcripts by courier or fax).

More information about transcript requests can be found in Section 7.11 of the Calendar.

For more information about your transcript, contact the Information Centre at 1-800-788-9041 or send an email to the Academic Records unit at

Covid-19 Exception

Due to the impact of Covid-19, AU is making a temporary exception to send transcripts by email (please confirm that an email transcript will be accepted by the other institution). You may request a transcript online through myAU and it will be processed overnight.