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Undergraduate studies program learning goals

These are the program learning goals (PLGs) for Faculty of Business undergraduate programs. They are simple expressions of powerful skills that are systematically embedded throughout undergraduate program courses. The undergraduate PLGs are reviewed on a regular basis so that they can evolve and change as the needs of learners and employers evolve in our rapidly changing world.

PLG 1: Our graduates will be effective decision makers.

The intent of this goal is the ability to analyze a given business situation and propose an appropriate course of action. It includes skills in critical thinking and problem solving as well as an applied understanding of current business issues.

PLG 2: Our graduates will be capable communicators.

This goal means the ability to produce quality written documents and give effective oral presentations—to analyze your audience and the communication situation, and create effective academic papers, business reports, infographics, or slide presentations that meet your needs and fulfill your goals as an effective communicator.

PLG 3: Our graduates will be ethically aware.

The goal is to enable you to identify relevant ethical issues in a given situation—what is at stake, and why your choices are important to business and society.

PLG 4: Our graduates will have a global business perspective.

In today’s business environment, you need to be able to identify the opportunities and challenges of operating within complex local, regional, and global environments, which is the purpose of this goal.

PLG 5: Our 4-year business program graduates will be competent in discipline-specific skills and knowledge.

As a program graduate, you will be able to demonstrate the functional capability that is a foundation for a career in the field of Accounting, Business Technology Management, Finance, Human Resources Management, Indigenous Business or Marketing.

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