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University Certificate in Marketing learning outcomes

As a result of completing this program, students should be able to

  • demonstrate knowledge and skills in identifying customer needs through market research, developing new products and services based on marketing strategy formulation, and promoting and distributing products and services with relevance in both domestic and international settings.
  • demonstrate a basic understanding of issues related to international trade controls, foreign trade operations, location of markets, negotiation practices, monetary issues, and international public relations.
  • demonstrate entry-level marketing skills for use in government, industry and private sector organizations that engage in exporting or importing goods and services in world markets.
  • demonstrate an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour, e-marketing, international marketing, marketing strategy, sales-force management, and marketing research.

Possible career options

  • advertising
  • corporate sales
  • communications
  • media relations
  • public relations
  • e-commerce
  • Fundraising Campaign Co-ordinator
  • Internet Communications Specialist
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Promotions Officer
  • Regional Sales Co-ordinator
  • web communications
  • web marketing
  • community economic development
  • industrial development
  • regional development
  • tourism development
  • tourism industry

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