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University Certificate in Finance learning outcomes

As a result of completing this program, students should be able to

  • demonstrate knowledge of theory, technically based skills and ethical perspectives relevant to core business areas, including marketing, statistics, financial accounting, management accounting, finance, economics, information systems, strategic management, organizational behaviour, and commercial law.
  • demonstrate a basic understanding of technical and quantitative aspects of management related to financial services, including the study of financial markets, financial instruments and investment decision-making, as well as the analysis of alternative methods employed by institutions and individuals to obtain, manage and use capital.

Possible career options

  • Actuarial Clerk
  • Bank Clerk
  • Credit Clerk
  • Dental Claims Clerk
  • Dividend Calculation Clerk
  • Insurance Clerk
  • Insurance Rater
  • Ledger Control Clerk
  • Loan Clerk
  • Mortgage Clerk
  • Premium Rater
  • Real Estate Clerk
  • Securities Clerk
  • Bank Teller
  • Credit Union Teller
  • Financial Customer Service Representative
  • Foreign Exchange Teller
  • Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • Accounts Receivable Supervisor
  • Bank Clerks Supervisor
  • Billing Supervisor
  • Bookkeeping Supervisor
  • Collection Supervisor
  • Credit Supervisor
  • Payroll Supervisor
  • Savings Supervisor
  • Supervisor of Accounting
  • Supervisor, Claims Adjuster
  • Supervisor, Customer Service Representative

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