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Employer sponsorship

If you haven’t already approached your employer about funding at least part of your MBA, then that’s the place to start. The AU MBA curriculum is designed so that you apply your studies to your workplace immediately; your employer will benefit. We’ve provided some points to help you make your case.

Nurture talented professionals in your organization — develop their strategic management skills, draw out their leadership potential, renew their sense of purpose, and reap the benefits.

Global perspectives

An AU MBA online classroom connects experienced managers from across Canada and around the world, from every sector and virtually every industry—students who specialize in human resources, operations, marketing, information technology … in roles from middle manager to CEO to entrepreneur. Your employee works, discusses and debates with this rich peer group and top academics, and then brings fresh thinking and creativity back to your organization.

Immediate ROI

Our online MBA for executives curriculum requires students to apply concepts to projects and assignments based on their own workplaces. You gain a direct return from their very first course.

No downtime

AU’s proven online course delivery system provides a superior management education without requiring students to take time off work to attend classes.

Increased job satisfaction … and enthusiasm

Applying new knowledge immediately means achieving more sooner, in turn leading to an increased sense of accomplishment, higher motivation, and renewed sense of purpose on the job.

Work-life balance

The flexibility of AU’s online program helps students balance the demands of home, life, career, and MBA studies. Our students can study at night, early in the morning, on weekends — whatever works best for them (and you).

Quality online learning

Our courses are developed and taught by leading academic and business experts. You can be sure your employee will get the skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced and globally connected business world.

Athabasca University is 1 of 4 research-intensive publicly funded institutions in Alberta. You can be confident that your employee’s AU experience represents a rigorous, high-quality university education.

We launched the world’s first online MBA program in 1994 and are an AACSB-accredited university. AU’s Faculty of Business is among the top 6% of business schools worldwide.

Incredible value

While the Athabasca University online MBA for executives offers a curriculum equal in rigour and depth to the finest ‘bricks and mortar’ MBA programs, our tuition is considerably less.

Easy mobility

If you need your employee’s talents in another town or even another country — for a week, month, year or even permanently — their online MBA program can go right along with them.

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