Our Values

The students and staff of Athabasca University hold a set of complementary values that are fundamental to Athabasca University's identity and functioning.1

  • We value excellence. The search for excellence is the hallmark of all our endeavours.
  • We value learning. Student learning and satisfaction are measures of our success.
  • We value scholarly research. We engage in reflective practice through the scholarship of discovery and the scholarship of teaching.
  • We value the free exchange of ideas. A respectful climate for open discourse promotes innovation, discovery and social responsibility.
  • We value openness and flexibility. Reducing barriers to education enhances access and social equity.
  • We value diversity and inclusiveness. Diversity and inclusiveness enhance the quality both of learning and of the workplace.
  • We value our employees. The commitment, innovation, creativity and continuous learning of every employee contribute to our success.
  • We value accountability. We are accountable to our students, to each other and to the public.

1 The word staff is used throughout the plan to indicate faculty, support staff, professionals, and tutors.

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