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Women's Studies (WMST) 446
Gender, Culture and Technology (Revision 1)

WMST 446 closed, replaced by WGST 446.

Delivery mode: Individualized study.

Credits: 3 - Social Science

Prerequisite: None. An introductory level WMST course is recommended.

Centre: Centre for Work and Community Studies

WMST 446 has a Challenge for Credit option.


WMST 446 course covers three major topic areas. The first introduces the gender literature that provides a framework for thinking about the relationships between gender, power, and divisions of labour. The second topic area provides a broad overview of the historical development and gendering of technological skills, highlighting the cultural and ideological associations between technology and masculinity. Finally, the third topic area examines issues related to the social construction of gender, exploring the associations between gender and information technologies, and possible solutions to women's under-representation in computing and information sciences.


Unit 1: Understanding Gender

Unit 2: Frameworks for Understanding Women and Technology

Unit 3: Looking Backwards and Forwards: Women and Technology

Unit 4: Gender Differences in Computer Aptitude and Use?

Unit 5: Women's Place: The Culture of Technology

Unit 6 - Solutions: When and How will Women Return?


To receive credit for WMST 446, you must achieve a course composite grade of at least "D" (50 percent). The weighting of the composite grade is as follows:

Assign. 1
Research Project
(1500-2500 words)
Assign. 2
Research Project
(1500-2500 words)
Assign. 3
Take-Home Final
35% 35% 30% 100%

All assignments are open book. To learn more about assignments and examinations, please refer to Athabasca University's online Calendar.

Course Materials


Craeger, A., Lunbeck, E., & Schiebinger, L. (Eds.) (2001). Feminism in Twentieth-Century Science, Technology, and Medicine. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Hopkins, P. (Ed.) (1998). Sex/Machine: Readings in Culture, Gender, and Technology. Bloomington & Indianapolis: Indiana University Press.

Margolis, J., & Fisher, A. (2002). Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Woodfield, R. (2000). Women, Work and Computing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Other Materials

The course materials include a study guide and student manual.


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