Communications (COMM) 431

Leadership in Technology (Revision 1)


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Delivery Mode: Individualized study online or grouped study**

Credits: 3

Area of Study: Applied Studies
(Business and Administrative Studies)

Prerequisite: ADMN 232 and ECOM 320

Centre: Faculty of Business

COMM 431 has a Challenge for Credit option.

**Note: Students registering in grouped study mode are advised that there may be some differences in the evaluation and course materials information indicated below. To obtain the most up-to-date information, contact the Faculty of Business Student Support Centre at 1-800-468-6531.


This course provides students with a rigorous treatment of the issues to be dealt with by leaders of organizations that develop and implement information technology (IT). The course introduces the major theories of leadership and the personal characteristics of effective leaders. It examines personality, cognitive style, mental models, emotional intelligence, courage, and morality within the context of effective technology leadership; it also discusses the role of followers, the sources of power, and the strategies for effective followership. The course examines the role of the leader in motivation and empowerment, and explores the various forms of leadership communication. The important issues of team leadership and the development of diversity within organizations are also covered, along with a discussion of the leader’s role in creating a vision and setting the strategic direction for the organization. COMM 431 also introduces the concept of the learning organization and the leadership of change within organizations. IT-related cases and examples are used throughout the course.


  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Leadership
  • Lesson 2: Leadership Theories
  • Lesson 3: The Personal Side of Leadership
  • Lesson 4: Followership
  • Lesson 5: Motivation, Empowerment, and Leadership Communication
  • Lesson 6: Leading Teams, and the Development of Leadership Diversity
  • Lesson 7: Leadership Power and Influence
  • Lesson 8: Creating Vision and Strategic Direction
  • Lesson 9: Culture and Values
  • Lesson 10: The Learning Organization and the Leadership of Change


To receive credit for COMM 431, you must complete three written assignments and a final examination. In addition, you must participate actively and regularly in the online discussion. The weighting of each assignment and the exam is indicated in the chart below. The passing grade for the final exam is “D” (50 percent). To receive credit for the course, you must pass the final exam and achieve an overall course grade of at least a “D” (50 percent).

Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Participation in online discussion Final Exam Total
10% 15% 35% 10% 30% 100%

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Course Materials


Daft, R. L. (2002). The leadership experience (2nd ed.). Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western. ISBN 0-03-033572-8

Other Materials

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