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Students' Rights FAQs

Is it all right to work on assignments with other students?

Yes, within limits, but be careful. Talk to your instructor or tutor first. Discussing your ideas with other students is encouraged, but when students submit the same work without appropriate permission, it is considered academic misconduct.

In a test or exam situation, if I don't understand a question, can I ask another student for help?

No. That is regarded as cheating. Ask the exam invigilator or monitor to assist you. He or she may be able to answer your question.

Can I copy the information I get from a book, CD, or the Internet into an assignment I am submitting for credit?

If you include information from any source in a written assignment, you must indicate that you have done so, and then give credit to the source you used. Ask your learning facilitator or tutor to explain how.

What if I don't use the exact words from another source, but just restate the general idea. Do I have to acknowledge the source of the idea?

Yes, ideas are subject to intellectual indebtedness too. You wouldn't have to cite this information as a direct quote, but you would still be required to give credit where it is due. Ask your learning facilitator or tutor to explain how.

Does AU enforce the penalties for academic misconduct?

Yes, intellectual honesty is taken seriously at AU and penalties are strictly enforced. You have the right to appeal any judgements made. Refer to the "Student Code of Conduct and Right to Appeal".


Student & Academic Services - Last Updated October 11, 2012

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