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Library Services

Library Services

Library Website

The AU Library website ( is the main portal to information about AU Library resources and services. From the Library's website you can access the AU Library catalogue, learn more about AU Library services, access and search journal databases, the Digital Reading Room, the Digitization Portal, AUSpace, E-books and E-Journals, the Library’s Help Centre, and much more.

While the AU Library catalogue and some resources are freely available for searching by anyone, journal databases and most e-books are licensed for use by AU students, faculty and staff. Please be prepared to enter your name and student ID number for access to most online resources.

The Library website also provides information about access to library catalogues from other libraries and reciprocal loan agreements.

Information about contacting the Library Information Desk is found on the Library's main website.


Library Materials

AU Library's collection primarily supports AU courses and programs, and is for use by AU faculty, staff, and students. AU Library's collection is comprised of online resources (journals, eBooks, and selected web sites) and books, journals, and audiovisual resources held onsite. The onsite collection contains more than 150,000 items, and the online collections comprise more than 154,000 E-books and about 70,000 unique journal titles with full-text. More than 250 databases can be searched, many with the full text of articles available online. Additionally, numerous digital, historical, and research collections can also be accessed from the Library's Web site.

Requests for library materials or services can be made by e-mail, phone, fax, or mail, 24 hours a day. Responses to most requests are handled within 24 hours or by the next business day. Library materials are normally mailed to your home address along with a return-mail card (if in Canada or the US).


Library Services

The following library services are available to active AU students:

Students outside of Canada and the USA are expected to make most use of AU Library's online resources. Some courses have required and/or supplemental components (e.g. videos, books, etc.) that are housed in the Library. Library Services will try to accommodate students registered in these courses. Please contact the Library if you have questions.


Supplementary Materials

University courses often require you to investigate material beyond the contents of your course materials package.

Some AU course Study Guides list "Supplementary Materials", which are intended to launch further investigation of various topics. Supplementary materials may include books, journal articles, or audiovisual materials, which may be useful to consult when completing your assignments and course projects. Supplementary materials referenced in AU course materials are usually available from the AU Library and may be requested by contacting the AU Library.


InterLibrary Loans

An InterLibrary Loan (ILL) involves one library borrowing materials from another on behalf of a library user. AU Library will provide ILL services for journal articles if you provide the Library staff with a complete bibliographic citation (author, title of article, name of journal, volume and issue number, year of publication, and page numbers) of the material requested. Allow sufficient time for the material to be ordered and received. Additional information about Interlibrary Loans can be found on the Library website:


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