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IT Help Desk

IT Help Desk

Services Provided

If you have computer-related difficulties that are not course content driven, and are not problems related to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), contact Information Technology (IT) Help Desk for assistance. If you have difficulties connecting to your ISP, you must contact their technical support department.

You can also access the IT Help Desk's System Status page for system outage information and updates at:

IT Help Desk

Phone: 800.788.9041 (ext. 6405) Canada/US
Other: 780.675.6405
Fax: 780.675.6333
IT Help Desk Contact Form


Computer System Requirements

An increasing number of courses and programs at AU are offered through a combination of print-based and online material. In order to participate, you must have access to the minimum computer hardware and software requirements described in the online syllabus. Older technology may be inadequate for full participation in the course, or it may detract from your learning experience. If your course requires Internet access, you are responsible for your own communication costs, such as long-distance telephone and ISP charges, or any other communication costs.

AU's standard computing platform is Microsoft Windows. Some courses support other hardware and software platforms or have more specific requirements. Only limited assistance for other platforms is offered by the IT Help Desk.


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