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Exams & Grades

Marks & Grades

Normally, your final grade for a course is determined by a weighted average of the marks you receive on all of your course assignments and exams. Unless otherwise stipulated, the passing grade for an undergraduate course is 50 percent. All required assignments and course work must be completed and submitted on or before your contract end date.

The marks for your assignments should be available to you seven to eight business days from the date the assignment was uploaded and submitted to your course web site or sent electronically to your tutor. The marks for your exams should be available to you seven to ten business days from the date the exam was electronically submitted for marking, and unofficial final grades should be available to you ten business days after AU receives the marks for your last assignment or exam. Neither of these deadlines includes mailing time.

For each course you complete, the Office of the Registrar will provide a statement of the composite grade (final grade) that you achieved in the course and the credits earned for the course.

Refer to our online Calendar for details.


Cumulative Grades

Review the current grading system adopted by Athabasca University in June, 2001.

For a student perspective read the in-depth synopsis by Debbie Jabbour – published in The Voice (AU Students' Magazine).



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