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Student Financial Aid

Financial assistance may be available to part-time and full-time Canadian students from their Provincial funding agency. Full-time students may be eligible for loans, grants, bursaries, or scholarships. Part-time students (students completing fewer than nine credits in a four-month period or 18 credits in an eight-month period) may be eligible for bursaries, loans, or grants.

Continuation of funding depends on your academic progress. To comply with Government requirements you must successfully complete nine credits in each four-month period.

You are required to apply to your home Provincial agency for financial aid.

Processing of applications may take up to twelve weeks from the time that complete documentation is submitted. Students should apply at least three months before their anticipated start date.

Please provide the Student Financial Aid Advisors in the Office of the Registrar with a list of the courses you wish to take for each semester that you have applied for funding. Each semester is four months long and starts the 1st day of the first month and ends the last day of the fourth month. To be a full time student you must register for nine credits (three 3credit courses) per semester. Please complete the Loan Study Plan-Full Time form.

Once this form is received we will complete the Provincial Aid form applicable to the Province you are applying to for Financial Aid.

The link to the web site that explains the policy relative to full time financial assistance is available at Financial Services - Athabasca University.

Students with disabilities are asked to contact the Access for Students with Disabilities (ASD) office for information on federal and provincial guidelines and alternative funding programs. Financial assistance for academic and technological support is also available for eligible applicants.


Student & Academic Services - Last Updated October 11, 2012

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