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Exams & Grades FAQs

I'm a Province of Alberta student. Where do I write my exams?

Exam centres are located at the AU Athabasca, AU Edmonton, and AU Calgary locations and at many post-secondary institutions and cooperating agencies throughout the province.

AU Athabasca, AU Edmonton, and AU Calgary schedule specific times for exams. Consult with the AU centre nearest you for an exact time. If you live within 100 km of an exam centre, you must write your exam at one of the approved exam invigilation centres. You may write your exam closer to home if you arrange for a suitable venue and provide a suitable invigilator who meets the guidelines given on the back of the Examination Request Form.

I live outside of Alberta. Where do I write my exams?

If you are a Canadian and live within 100 km of an exam centre, you must write your exam at one of the approved exam invigilation centres. A list of Canadian exam centres is given online. If you are an international student or live more then 100 km away from an AU Approved Invigilator, you can either arrange for someone at a post-secondary institution in your area to supervise (invigilate) your exam, or you can contact the exam unit to help find a Approved AU Invigilator in your area.

If you are arranging to have an exam invigilator at a post-secondary institution, you must provide AU's central examination department with the name, business address, business telephone number, and occupation of that person, the location of where your exam will be written, and the exam date and time, in order for the invigilator and exam centre to be approved by AU. Complete invigilator guidelines are given on the back of the Examination Request Form. You can access this form through myAU.

How do I order an exam?

To order an exam, complete and submit an Examination Request Form, which is included in the forms package of your course materials. You can also login to myAU and complete and submit your exam request online. Exam requests must be submitted within the timelines specified in the The Undergraduate Exam Request and Completion Policy and Procedures.

How long will it take for me to receive my final grades?

Generally, your unofficial final grades can be viewed in your Gradebook on myAU ten business days after AU receives your last assignment or exam, as per AU's service standards.

The timeframe for an official grade to be posted in your student record can vary significantly during peak times and depending on factors such as whether you choose to write a supplemental exam.

Final or course composite grades cannot be computed until all course requirements have been completed and marked.

If a transcript is required, students can request their transcript be sent by courier, rather than regular mail, at their own expense.

We recommended that exams be written and assignments submitted 4 to 6 weeks before the date for which the final grade is required.

I sometimes "go blank" during an exam, and I can't seem to remember a thing that I've learned. Is there anything I can do about it?

Anxiety can prevent you from doing well in exams. Many students have benefited from learning some coping strategies from AU's Counselling Services, and we would encourage you to call them. The "Mastering Exam Anxiety" exam preparation and coping strategies can assuage anxiety.

Must I request a transcript, and if so, when might I receive it?

To obtain an official transcript you must complete and submit a Transcript Request Form, which is included in the Forms Package of your course materials and in myAU. Transcript Request Forms are also available online. Once your marks are received by the Office of the Registrar, allow two weeks to one month for the receipt of a transcript.

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