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Student Handbook

Exams & Grades

Requesting an Exam

All invigilated exams for individualized study courses must be requested through Examination Services: The Office of the Registrar, AU Edmonton, or AU Calgary.

To send the Examination Request Form you may:

You must make your exam request within the specified timelines (see the Undergraduate Exam Request and Completion Policy and Procedures). Permission to request an exam is not required; however, before making your request, consult with your tutor about your readiness to take an exam. Exams for grouped-study courses are scheduled by the instructor.

Exam requests (except supplemental exams) must be received within the course contract period. Some exams may require fees; these fees are detailed in the Athabasca University Undergraduate Calendar.

Students with disabilities who require special accommodations should make their exam arrangements through the Access to Students with Disabilities office.




Student & Academic Services - Last Updated October 11, 2012

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