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Exam Preparation

Preparation for exams starts when the course begins. According to V. Nilsson in "Improve Your Study Skills", good study habits, time management, reading to understand and remember, frequent reviews, and relating studies to your everyday life all go a long way toward preparing you for the final exam. Review the exam preparation checklist provided in the Exams module of the "Improve Your Study Skills" series. For additional resources on study skill development, refer to the Learner Support Services section.

Feeling anxious is normal before writing an exam. Nervousness indicates alertness, and that your body and mind are prepared for some form of action.

Occasionally, lack of preparation or ability, lack of motivation or interest, as well as other concerns may contribute to difficulties in writing exams. Isolating the possible factors at play is an important first step in developing strategies for success.

If exam anxiety interferes with your remembering and thinking clearly on exams, review "Mastering Exam Anxiety". Each resource is a useful guide to optimizing your performance on exams.




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