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Course Contracts: Time Allotted

AU courses have start dates and contract end dates. Your individualized-study course start date is the first day of your course, and with the exception of grouped-study courses, courses start on the first day of each month. The start date is also the first day that you can contact your tutor. Your contract end date is the last day of your individualized-study course, and contract end dates always fall on the last day of the month. All of your course work, including assignments, quizzes, and exams, must be completed before the contract end date.

When you register in an individualized-study three-credit course, you have six months (approximately 26 weeks) to complete the course. When you register in a six-credit course, you have 12 months (52 weeks) to complete the course.

If you are a Canadian student receiving student loans (either Federal or Provincial), you must complete your three-credit courses in four months and your six-credit courses in eight months.


International Overseas Course Start Dates

Students living overseas are assigned the earliest practical course start dates, based on receipt of their couriered course package. Course start dates for students living in countries other than Canada and the US, may be one month later than the regularly assigned individualized-study course start dates. This allows ample time for the receipt of couriered course packages.



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