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Access to Students with Disabilities ASD

Athabasca University is committed to provide students with disabilities with reasonable, individualized accommodations and support services in order to facilitate access and the successful completion of undergraduate and graduate programs and courses.

If you require accommodation for your Athabasca University courses due to disabling condition you are required to register for services with Access to Students with Disabilities (ASD). Please see the ASD web site at for more information regarding the types of accommodations that may be available.


  • Reduce and eliminate barriers to institutional access and academic success for persons with physical, sensory, psychological, and learning disabilities.
  • Ensure a level playing field for all students by assessing needed accommodations on an individualized basis. Accommodations may be recommended in direct relationship to identified functional differences that would disadvantage a person in the performance of specific academic requirements due to delivery within a specific mode, format, or a required procedure.
  • Deliver services based on the specific needs of individuals.
  • Provide a non-prescriptive practice that acknowledges the expertise of the student regarding their condition and needs; requires their active participation in the planning and implementation of accommodations and supports; and demand student responsibility.

Who is eligible for the services provided by ASD?

Enrolled or prospective students with functional differences resulting from disabilities or medical conditions that are:

  • Sensory (e.g. low vision, blind, hard of hearing, deaf)
  • Learning (e.g. L.D., A.D.H.D., A.D.D.)
  • Physical/Mobility (e.g. spinal cord injury, M.S., M.D., C.P., back injury)
  • Neurological (e.g. A.B.I./T.B.I, aneurysm, Parkinson's)
  • Psychological (e.g. bi-polar, M.P.D., schizophrenia, P.T.S.D., clinical depression)
  • Permanent or chronic disabilities or medical conditions (C.F.S., Graves Disease, Fibromyalgia, Osteo-arthritis, Diabetes, etc.) or
  • Temporary (e.g. broken wrist, injury) providing there is a clinical diagnosis of the condition and that it impedes ability to complete course work.

How do I register for services with ASD?

In order for students to register for services through ASD they are required to complete the Verification of Accommodation and Support Service Requirements (VOA) form. You may download and print the file from the ASD web site at:

Complete the general information and self-assessment portion of the VOA form.

Provide documentation of your disabling condition as per Appendix A of the VOA form and/or review the summary of disability documentation that is required to register for services with ASD.

Who can I contact for more information?

You may contact ASD at:

Access to Students with Disabilities
Athabasca University, Edmonton
Peace Hills Trust Tower
1200, 10011 - 109 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5J 3S8

Phone/Voice Mail: (780) 497-3424
or 1-800-788-9041 ext. 3424

Fax: (780) 421-2546


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