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Obtaining an AU Credential

Obtaining Credentials FAQs

As a visiting student, when I finish my course(s), will AU automatically send my home institution a copy of my transcript?

No, you must request that a transcript be sent. A Transcript Request Form is included in the forms package with your course materials. Send the appropriate fee and the completed form to Enrolment Services.

As a visiting student, can I take a course without the approval of my home institution?

Yes, but to ensure that the course will be credited toward your program, you should first obtain a Letter of Permission from your home institution.

I registered for a course, but I have not yet received any further information from AU. What should I do?

You must be admitted to the University before you can be registered in a course or enrolled in a program of study. If you're a first-time student, ensure that you have submitted a General Application Form (GAP) and the correct fee with your Undergraduate Course Registration Form. If you neglected to submit your GAP you will receive a phone call from AU.

How many transfer credits can I expect to receive for courses taken at other institutions?

The number of transfer credits you will receive depends on the program you are applying to, the institution you are transferring the credits from, and the length of time since the courses were taken.

Can I apply to a master's program with an undergraduate degree from AU?

Yes, many AU students have gone on to pursue graduate studies, either at AU or elsewhere. However, we recommend that you contact the institution where you plan to do your graduate work and confirm that your degree meets their admission requirements.

Can I receive credit for my work experience?

You may be able to receive credit for your work experience through a process called Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition.

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Student & Academic Services - Last Updated October 11, 2012

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