Credit For What You Know

There are many paths to an education. Whether yours is through previous post-secondary study or on-the-job and life experience, we give credit where credit is due. Take advantage of Athabasca University’s transfer and advanced credit policies and you could save time and money.

Transfer credit

If you’ve already completed a post-secondary credential, then you could turn your diploma into a degree, or use your previous degree to get block transfer credit for up to 50% of your AU degree. You can also get transfer credit for individual courses. A one-time evaluation fee will apply.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Learning happens over a lifetime - both in and out of the classroom. Put the lessons you've learned on the job to good use by applying for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). Depending on your program and your portfolio, you could earn up to 30 credits toward your degree.

“After completing my portfolio, I realized the value of my life’s informal learning. By receiving 21 credits for my PLAR, within a year I will have completed my degree.”

~ Kathy,
Bachelor of Human Resources & Labour Relations

Challenge for credit

If you know enough about the content of a particular course that you think it might be repetitive for you, you can pay a fee and challenge the course for credit. If you succeed in the challenge by proving your understanding of the course content, you will be awarded credit.

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