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Willkommen in Wimba! Welcome to Wimba! (It’s practically the same in German and English.)

We hope Wimba will fill some of the gaps in the oral portion of your German course. Wimba allows you to practice your oral exercises and listen to your own voice. You are able to correct your answers and then send them to your tutor for feedback. You may rerecord the answers and resend them as often as you like.

The discussion board will allow you to hear your classmates speak German and allow you to respond to them in German at your leisure. Wimba enables us to have a class discussion without being in the same room at the same time. Who knows, you may even end up with a voice-email penpal!

We will work out the technological bugs in the first discussion board exercise. I will start things off by introducing myself and then ask you to introduce yourselves.

Thanks for volunteering for this pilot project.

Go to the German discussion board now. Jetzt geht es los!