Students who approach their studies in a systematic and organized manner are more likely to complete the course successfully than are those students who do not plan a course of action for themselves. Therefore, you are encouraged to follow a study schedule to help you budget your time and schedule your progress in the course.

Please note that the schedule presented is a suggestion only. It is designed to help you complete the course in 23 weeks, which is approximately the time you will have in a six-month course contract period.

Be sure to call your tutor if you have difficulty with the material or if you are unable to adhere to the schedule as suggested. You may, of course, proceed more quickly than is suggested by this schedule.

Remember this guideline in your studies: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Week 1 Read the Student Manual.
  Call your tutor to make initial contact if he or she has not already called you.
  Begin work on Unit 1: Overview of Nutrition.
Week 2 Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 1.
  Complete Unit 2: General Principles of Research in Nutrition.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 2.
Week 3 Complete Unit 3: DRIs and Diet-Planning Guides.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 3.
  Start the assignment.
Week 4 Complete Unit 4: Body Systems and Digestion.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 4.
Week 5 Begin work on Unit 5: The Carbohydrates.
Week 6 Complete Unit 5.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 5.
Week 7 Begin Unit 6: The Lipids.
Week 8 Complete Unit 6.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 6.
Week 9 Complete Unit 7: Protein and Amino Acids.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 7.
  Request the mid-term examination.
Week 10 Complete Unit 8: Metabolism of Nutrients and Energy Balance.
  Conduct a thorough review on Units 1–8.
Week 11 Prepare for the mid-term examination.
  Write the mid-term examination.
Week 12 Begin work on Unit 9: The Vitamins.
Week 13 Complete Unit 9.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 9.
Week 14 Begin work on Unit 10: Water and the Minerals.
Week 15 Complete Unit 10.
  Complete Unit Quiz for Unit 10.
Week 16 Complete Unit 11: Introduction to Chronic Diseases of Lifestyle, Obesity, and Diabetes.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 11.
Week 17 Complete Unit 12: Cardiovascular Diseases.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 12.
Week 18 Complete Unit 13: Diet and Cancer.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 13.
Week 19 Complete and submit the Nutrition Assessment assignment.
  Request the final examination.
Week 20 Complete Unit 14: Vegetarian Diets, Alcohol, and Caffeine.
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 14.
Week 21 Complete Unit 15: What Is the Healthiest Diet?
  Complete the Unit Quiz for Unit 15.
Week 22 Review all course material.
Week 23 Review all of the course materials in preparation for the final exam, including the feedback received on your course assignment.
Week 24 Write the final exam.
  Congratulations on completing the course!