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Welcome to the home page for English 491, a course designed for students who want to pursue an extended research project under the direction of a professor. The research topic will be determined through consultation between the student and the professor. The project will normally include extensive library research and the production of a major paper.

This is a course in English literature with a strong focus in Cultural Studies. Students have an opportunity to investigate a traditional area of English literature such as Shakespeare's drama, or the English novel, or Romantic poetry, or Modernism, and to extend their research into the cultural context of the chosen works. Some students may wish to explore the links between literature and other media such as film, theatre, music, visual arts or dance. For other possible areas of interdisciplinary study students should contact the course professor.

Visit the archives file for examples of what other students have researched in English 491.

The page on research resources includes links to major sites of literary material available on the internet.

The essay writing page includes information on writing guides and the style for producing a finished research paper.

Remember to contact the course professor about possible research topics before you write the formal research proposal.

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