Welcome to the course cover page for English 373: Film and Literature. This Athabasca University course is designed to introduce students to the relationships between literary and cinematic forms.

This location allows you to learn about the course, to examine the study schedule and to explore the many links to specific works and authors you will meet in your reading. A companion to this course is English 336: comparative Literature II, World Literature and Multi-Media. See also English 324: Shakespeare I, and English 423: Contemporary Literary Theory.

English 373 is a 3-credit course which may be used in many programs at Athabasca or other universities towards a degree. See the syllabus for the prerequisites and delivery methods.

While English 373 may fit within a variety of programs at Athabasca University, the primary programs are listed below. For more information, please click on the program of interest.

B.A. Major in English
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree Program
Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) Degree Program
B.A. concentration in English