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Course Team

Course Author: Monique Tschofen
Course Professor: Joseph Pivato
Editor: Erna Dominey
Visual Design: Elise Johnson
Web Instructional Design: Monique Tschofen, Brian Powell
Cover images: Sheridan Bullman


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Although the Web pages for English 373 are updated regularly, the shifting nature of the World Wide Web may cause you to encounter "dead links" – links that lead nowhere. The course team has attempted to mitigate this problem by providing at least two links for each course unit, and we encourage you to navigate the Web actively beyond these recommendations.

Please communicate any dead links you come across to the Course Professor by e–mail or through your regular tutor contacts. As well, please communicate any new sites that you discover which may be of interest to other students in the course.

Pages on the World Wide Web that are linked herein are recommendations only and remain the responsibility of their original authors. Neither Athabasca University nor the course author nor the Course Professor are responsible for the content of any pages linked from this site.

Photo credits in order of appearance:

Detail of bird image – Sheridan Bullman
Cover image of birds – Sheridan Bullman
1.2 smoke – Sheridan Bullman
1.3 Monique at Orlando – Joseph Pivato
2.1 Biplane – 1919 photo, Glenbow Archives, Canada NC–6–4336
3.3 Bird – Heath Pelletier, Calgary
4.1 Flying Bird – Sheridan Bullman
4.2 Virginia Woolf – The Hogarth Press, London
4.3 Nogaredo – Joseph Pivato
4.5 Bird detail – Sheridan Bullman
4.6 Monique at Orlando – Joseph Pivato
5.2 Jan Vermeer, "The Art of Painting," – Mark Harden
6.3 Film still from Meshes in the Afternoon – Mayan Deren
7.1 Praying Mantis – Sheridan Bullman
General Internet Resources – Marilyn at Rome Airport – J. Pivato
Examinations – Ostia Beach, Italy – J. Pivato