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Course Cover ImageEducation 310: The Canadian Training System

Welcome to Education 310: The Canadian Training System. This senior-level, three-credit course will introduce you to the training system in Canada. It consists of five units that cover basic concepts relating to labour markets, skills, and training. Through the course of your study, you will be asked to read a number of articles. The commentaries and questions contained in the Study Guide will help you to examine the issues and theories presented in these readings. This course also requires you to complete a series of written assignments. There are no examinations in this course.

The Canadian Training System has been designed to acquaint you with the major concepts, players, and issues involved in achieving a match between the skills required by the Canadian labour market and the skills offered for pay in that same labour market. Specifically, the debates about the forms of training that should be provided, who should have access to acquiring those skills, and who should be responsible for the structure, financing, and delivery of training are examined in the broader context of the changing nature of work and the labour market. The course also looks at how various aspects of the Canadian training system have evolved, and how the different labour market partners (employers, workers, governments, and education and training providers) collaborate and conflict in pursuing the goals and expectations each has for the employed and unemployed members of Canada’s labour force.

Note: There are no prerequisites for Education 310: The Canadian Training System.