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Students wanting to find out more about the CHEM 217
home labs should contact the AU Science Lab Coordinator.

CHEM 217 Home Labs

  • Currently home lab kits cannot go outside of Canada. Students residing outside of Canada need to either visit us for face-to-face labs or arrange for themselves an equivalent lab session at another institution to obtain a lab exemption.
  • The CHEM 217 home labs usually take nine evenings to complete, one evening for each home lab experiment.
  • Before you can do your CHEM 217 home labs, you must fill out the CHEM 217 Home Lab Kit Request Form. The form can be requested from the Lab Coordinator and filled out and mailed or faxed to the Science Lab (see contact information above). It can also be filled out and submitted via the CHEM 217 Home Lab Online Request Form.
  • Do not order your lab kit until you are ready to do your experiments. The kit is to be used within ~ 2 month time frame within your course contract, i.e., you do not get to keep the kit for the full 6 months.

CHEM 217 Home Lab Reports

  • The CHEM 217 home lab reports are to be mailed to your tutor for marking. It is recommended that you do not mail them in all at once. It is better to send the first two or three reports in and get some feedback before submitting the rest of your lab reports.