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Experiment B4
Quantitative Determination of Phosphorus

Isolating the phosphate
preciptiate by filtration

Isolating the phosphate preciptiate by filtration.

This experiment centres on the chemical determination of percent phosphorus (%P) in a sample plant food by gravimetric analysis. The phosphorus is precipitated out of solution as a phosphate complex that can be weighed. Calulations can then be done to determine the amount of phosphorus in the original sample of plant food.

Equipment List Chemical List
150-mL flask
150-mL beakers
50-mL graduated cylinder
filter paper
stir rod
paper towels *
10-52-10 plant food
epsom salts (MgSO4 • 7H2O)
household ammonia

* Not included in the kit; must be provided by the student at home.

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