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Experiment A4
Universal Gas Constant

Standard HCl titration of NaOH. Standard HCl titration of NaOH.

As the title suggests, this experiment determines the universal gas constant. Nitrogen gas is produced and trapped over water. Using PV = nRT, you solve for R and compare your value to the literature value.

Equipment List Chemical List
general pan balance
retort stand and clamp
150-mL beaker
100-mL volumetric flask
50-mL volumetric flask
10-mL plastic pipette (end cut off) and syringe/glass bead
125-mL Erlenmeyer flask
one-holed rubber bung and latex tubing
latex tubing and curved straw
10-mL volumetric pipette
5-mL volumetric pipette
pipette filler bulb
ruler *
pencil or pen *
flat surface *
sulphamic acid
sodium nitrite
tap water*

* Not included in the kit; must be provided by the student at home.

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