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Experiment A2
Use of a Spectrophotometer

new exp.—started Mar. 2011)

SpectroVis Spectrophotometer

SpectroVis Spectrophotometer

In this experiment, you determine the amount of ASA in a ASA tablet using spectrophotometry. The ASA is hydrolyzed with NaOH and complexed with iron(III) chloride and then compared to standard ASA dilutions analyzed in a commercial spectrophotometer.

Equipment List Chemical List
- general pan balance (calibrated)
- SpectroVis spectrophotometer with USB cable and cuvettes
- 1000-mL plastic beaker (for 0.02 M FeCl3)
- spatula–optional
- glass rod
- vial
- 50-mL beaker
- 50-mL Erlenmeyer flask
- pipette filler bulb
- 5-mL volumetric pipette
- 1-mL volumetric pipette
- 100-mL volumetric flask
- 50-mL volumetric flask
- 25-mL volumetric flask
- 10-mL volumetric flask
- two empty solution droppers
- hot plate/stove top *
- labels *
- flat surface *
- 1 M sodium hydroxide
- iron(III) chloride hexahydrate
- 1.0 M hydrochloric acid in sealed solution dropper
- acetylsalicylic acid standard, preweighed
- Aspirin tablets (unknown [ASA])
- tap water *

* Not included in the kit; must be provided by the student at home.

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