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What constitutes graduate full-time and part-time status?

Full-Time Status: Non-Funded Graduate Students

In order for non-funded graduate students (students who are not receiving government student financial aid) to be granted full-time status, the minimum course load required is .75 credits per month.  AU graduate students must be actively registered in one three-credit course under a four-month contract or two three-credit individualized study courses under a six-month contract, all with the same start date.

Full-Time Status: Funded Graduate Students

To qualify for full-time status for funding purposes in a four-month semester at the graduate studies level, students must be registered in a minimum of a 60 percent course load (.75 credits per month). This is equal to one four-month grouped study course or two six-month individualized study courses under a four-month semester, all with the same start date.

Part-Time Status

A student taking one six-month graduate course is considered part-time.