What Happens Next?

At most universities you have to wait for an acceptance letter to start your undergraduate education. Not at Athabasca University. Once you have paid your application fee, you can register for courses right away.

Things to know

Unless you specifically asked for printed correspondence when you applied, you will receive most of your communications from AU by e-letter. It is your responsibility to check myAU for e-letters – we recommend at least every 2 weeks. You will receive a confirmation e-letter in myAU to welcome you, but you don't have to wait for it to proceed with your studies.

Get to know myAU

MyAU is the hub of your AU experience. This is where you will

  • register for courses
  • access your course websites
  • request exams
  • check your grades
  • access your e-letters
  • and much more

Logging in to myAU

You need your student ID number to access myAU. Your student ID is on your emailed or printed receipt, if you requested one at the end of the application process.

If you need to retrieve your student ID, call the Information Centre at 1-800-788-9041.

Learn more about studying at AU

Distance education is different – you’ll still do readings, assignments and exams, but not in the same way you would at a traditional university. Learn more about our processes on our new students page.

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