Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Athabasca University tuition costs vary based on where you live. Additional academic fees vary based on courses and circumstances.

Undergraduate courses

Tuition is charged by the course, and is calculated on a per-credit basis. While most courses are 3 credits, course credit values range from 0 to 9 credits. Check the credit value of the course you want to take in the information box at the top of the course page.

Undergraduate tuition fees include Students’ Union and Alumni Relations fees.

Undergraduate programs

For undergraduate programs, tuition is also charged by the course. There are no per-semester or per-program fees for these programs — simply pay for courses as you register for them.

To help you see what your program may cost, we have created a list of estimated program fees based on the number of credits a program requires. Please note: this information is an estimate only. Tuition fees can increase from year to year.

Other undergraduate fees

A number of other academic or administration fees may also apply to you, depending on your courses and circumstances. These can include items like

  • laboratory fees
  • transfer credit and prior learning evaluation fees
  • course extension fees

See the complete list of other academic fees.

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