Transfer Credit to Another Institution

Many Canadian post-secondaries have transfer agreements with Athabasca University that grant credit for most of our courses. However, we can’t guarantee acceptance of your AU credit. The decision to accept transfer courses is made by the institution you’re applying to, and you should contact them with any questions or concerns.

Visiting students

If you’re enrolled in a program at another university and want to take an AU course for one of your program requirements, you'll need to enrol as a non-program student. Once you have become a student, you can begin registering for courses right away.

We encourage you to get a letter of permission from your school to ensure your AU credits will transfer to your program. This is for your peace of mind – you don’t need to send us this letter.

Once you've completed your AU course, you will also need to send an AU transcript to your school. You can do this online through myAU or by submitting a Transcript Request Form (pdf) by fax or mail.

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