Inactive or Former Students

Once you have become an Athabasca University student, you will always be an AU student. If you take an extended break from your studies – or decide to come back for another program – you can start new courses at any time without paying another application fee.

However, your status will change to inactive if you haven’t registered for a course within 12 months of your application date or your most recent

  • course completion date
  • course contract end date
  • withdrawal date

Inactive program students

If you are an inactive program student and you decide to resume your studies, the program regulations in effect at the time of your reactivation will replace the regulations that applied to you when you first started your studies. This could mean taking additional courses to fulfil new requirements. You will not have to re-take completed AU courses, unless specified in your program’s regulations.

You will also need to have your previous post-secondary course work re-evaluated (see evaluations and transfer credit). There is no charge for this if you have previously paid the one-time evaluation fee.

Resuming active status

  1. Log in to myAU. If you have lost your student ID number, call the Information Centre at 1-800-788-9041.
  2. Click “Change Your Program” in the "Manage Your Program" section. Avoid technical difficulties by completing your program change before updating your personal information.
  3. Choose whether you want to reactivate as a program or a non-program student and complete the rest of the process.

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