Challenge for Credit

Everyone comes to Athabasca University with different life and educational experiences. This is why many of our courses have a challenge for credit option. Challenging a course for credit allows you to skip a course by proving that you already understand the course content. 

What courses can I challenge for credit?

Most undergraduate courses above the 100 (preparatory) level have a challenge for credit option. To find out if a particular course offers challenge for credit, please see the information box at the top of the course page.

What courses can’t be challenged for credit?

Graduate courses can’t be challenged for credit. There are also some specific circumstances where you can’t challenge an undergraduate course for credit, even if that option is normally available. 

Things to know

  • There is a non-refundable challenge for credit fee.
  • You must get approval to challenge a course from the faculty member (or designate) who is responsible for the course. Course coordinator listing.
  • Courses successfully challenged for credit will not count toward your residency requirement (the total number of AU credits that must be taken within your program).  
  • You have only one opportunity to challenge a course. If you don’t complete or fail a challenge, you must register in the course and pass to get credit.
  • More important information can be found on the Challenge for Credit page of the Undergraduate Calendar.

How to challenge a course

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