Take Graduate Courses

In order to take graduate-level courses, you must satisfy certain prerequisites, which in most cases include an undergraduate degree. However, you don’t need to be enrolled in an Athabasca University graduate program to take our graduate courses.

Many programs allow you to take a limited number of courses as a non-program student. Each program has a different limit and a different application process. Check the program website for specific details.

Courses you successfully complete as a non-program student may be applied toward your graduate program when you become a program student. 

Visiting students

If you’re enrolled at another university and want to take an AU course for one of your program requirements, you also register as a non-program student. We encourage you to get a letter of permission from your school to ensure your AU credits will transfer to your program. This is for your own records – you don’t have to send it to AU.

Western Deans’ Agreement

If you’re a student at a western Canadian university, the Western Canadian Deans’ Agreement could apply to you. Under this agreement, graduate students paying normal required tuition fees to their home institution will not pay tuition fees to the host institution. However, student activity fees may be charged.

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