Athabasca University is committed to excellence in research and scholarship. As one of Alberta’s four comprehensive universities (focusing on both academics and research), we see research as being central to

  • creating and sharing knowledge
  • enhancing our programs
  • teaching our students
  • developing our faculty
  • improving our community

Our areas of research

The core of AU’s mission is open access, facilitated by distance learning.

We also recognize the importance of research as a way to enrich our students’ learning and advance knowledge. Our priority research areas include

  • business
  • computing science
  • environment and sustainability
  • globalization and cultural studies
  • Indigenous education
  • nursing and health
  • labour and Canadian studies
  • space science and astronomy
  • technology-enhanced online and distributed learning
  • workplace and community education

We encourage interdisciplinary approaches and partnerships to broaden research contexts and generate new ways of thinking. We also recognize the importance of supporting new and emerging areas of research.

Working with industry

At AU, we encourage academic-industry collaboration to support and advance innovation. Working with industry allows students to become involved in high-quality, hands-on training opportunities. Industry benefits include

  • access to high-quality researchers
  • greater opportunity to access public funding programs
  • use of university skills and resources

Learn more about industry partnerships.

Research Centre

The Research Centre provides centralized administrative support to the AU research community. Services for faculty, staff and students include

  • finding funding
  • help applying for funding
  • managing funding
  • coordinating ethics reviews
  • communicating research results
  • connecting researchers with industry partners

If you need further information about these services, or would like to use them, please contact us.

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